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  • Listening to: Anberlin - Foreign Language
  • Reading: Whatever Greymane tells me to do next
  • Playing: World of WarCraft
  • Drinking: White Russians all night like a boss
Fourth account here on dA, simply to keep things synced with the name "Mjollnyr" for the possibility of making some sort of name for myself. UnshackledFenrir's still in use for the mature works, just making a lazy divide just in case my stuff gets some public recognition

  lol Fen trying to be "professional", I know... But maybe, who knows. It's time that I try.

  I'm prolly gonna do some experimental stuff here, and though I'm known for Anthro and whatnot, I'm gonna post a lot that isn't so.  Granted, I'll still be heavily Anthro-based, because I love drawing it, but I have ideas that aren't based around Anthro, as well.  My FurAffinity account is still the same, not changing the name there, and it'll most likely get cross-posts of anything Anthro; it'll house the Mature stuff that I can't post here. This is for both my growth as an artist, and for portfolio purposes; if that's not your thing, I understand, and I'd suggest keeping an eye on my FA account for that. You can keep the Mature Filter on there to get the non-erotic pics.

  So, new gallery, and it's bare. Most of the stuff will most likely be in the scraps or in a "Speedpaint" "Sketch" or "Experimental" sub-gallery/folder. The main stuff'll be the highlight. Your inbox might fluctuate with quality from me, I'm sorry in advance lol

  But I also fell for the ability to categorize Favorites into sub-folders, holy shit! I know it's been a feature for a while now, but I've been so spotty with DeviantArt.  I've raked through all of my past accounts for things that I like to this day, and thrown them in folders. From Fanart to Fantasy to Tutorials to a folder dedicated to motherfucking WEREWOLVES because shit's rad lol

  If anything, keep an eye on my Favs to see the talent that I've come across, so that you can possibly expand your own watchlist, catch what's goin down on dA from what I can see.  The Fantasy and Werewulfen folders are prolly the most extensive right now, but there's quite a bit to see in all, so check that shit out, tell your mother to, too.

  You guys stay snazzy and let's rock this new year, baby <3


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